Recipient - The Butler Institute of American Art Medal for Lifetime Achievement in Art, 2011

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About Gregory Strachov™

Strachov's paintings are hanging in private collections all over the world. He has been marketing his own work in his own quiet and unassuming way. However his work has been honored with shows in prominent museums in this country as well as abroad.

During 2001, sixteen mid career artists were selected from the United States to be shown at the Chateau Musee', a museum owned by the Grimaldi family of Monaco and is situated at the top of a hill overlooking the Mediterranian in Cagnes sur Mer, France. This was an exhibition to show that there are new directions as well as new explorations in painting. Four of Strachov's works were featured and he was honored with one of four top awards.

Strachov's work as well as his lectures have earned him the respect of his peers as well as the respect of the academic community. He has conducted numerous lectures on art and theory and these have been televised as well as used as instructional material in museums and in graduate studies. Strachov's work has been exhibited throughout the United States. During his career, his work has earned sixty three prestigious awards.

The paintings of Gregory Strachov are in collections all over the world. His work has been honored in prominent museums in this country as well as abroad. His paintings of stones and granite are well known, and his series on war, the Holocaust, human subjects and emotion have won respect world wide.

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